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At What Age Should I Spay Or Neuter My Dog?  

 Thoughts On Choosing The Right Pet    

 Thoughts On Choosing The Right Dog Food – What Should I Feed My Dog?  

Things To Consider When Choosing A Family Dog

Separation Anxiety In Your Dog

Training Your New Puppy 

Hair loss – Some Common Reasons Dog’s Loose Their Hair 

Anal Sac Problems In Your Dog – Why Is My Dog Scooting?

Cataracts In Your Dog’s Eyes 

Tapeworm In Your Dog And What To Do About Them

Sarcoptic Mange In Your Dog – Scabies 

 Heartworms In Your Dog – What To Do When Your Dog Has Heartworms 

Are Some Heartworms Resistant To My Dog’s Monthly Heartworm Medicine?

 All About Intestinal Parasites In Your Dog 

Dealing With Joint And Back Pain In Your Older Dog

  Dealing With Arthritis In Your Older Dog

The Special Needs Of Older Dogs Caring For Your Elderly Canine

  Dental Problems In Your Dog, Cat Or Ferret 

    Dealing With Ear Problems In Your Dog – Otitis Externa 1 

Dealing With Ear Problems In Your Dog – Otitis Externa 2

Ear Hematoma In Your Dog

 Ear Surgery For Your Dog – Chronic Otitis Ear Infections

What To Do When Your dog Is Aggressive, Growls Or Bites 

  Canine Bad Behavior – What To Do When Your Dog Is Aggressive With Children

 Kidney Disease In Your Dog – An Older Article

 Care For Your Hypothyroid Dog 

 Medications That Can Influence Your Dog’s Thyroid Test Results 

Cushing’s Disease In Your Dog – Hyperadrenocorticism

Hip Surgery In Your Dog Or Cat A Femoral Head Osteotomy (FHO) Or A New Replacement Hip?

Knee Injuries in Your Dog ACL Anterior Cruciate Ligament Problems -Their Repair And Treatment

Knee Problems In Your Dog – Patellar Luxation – Popping Kneecaps

  Bladder And Kidney Stones In Your Dog – An Older Article


Struvite Bladder & Kidney Stones In Your Dog

  Why Is My Dog Itching & Scratching Itself? Allergies In Your Pet

Why Is My Dog Sneezing?

Why Is My Dog Coughing? 

Why I My Dog Vomiting?

Why Does My Dog Have Diarrhea?  

Cancer In Your Dog And How To Face It

 Fleas And Ticks On Your Dog And What To Do

 Memory Loss In Your Dog – CDS, CCDS, Dementia “Doggie Alzheimer’s”

Ten Ways To Have A Good Relationship With Your Veterinarian

How Often should My Dog Receive VaccinationsAn Old Article, Go Here Instead

 Addison’s Disease In Your Dog – Treating Hypoadrenocorticism

 Tooth And Mouth Care For Your Dog

   Acral Dermatitis – Lick Granuloma

Why Is My Dog Licking Its paws So Much?

Pancreatitis In Your Dog

 Ringworm In Your Dog

Some Reasons Why Your Dog Might Be Anemic

Why Is My Dog Limping?

  Pain Control In Your Dog

Corneal Ulcers On You Dog’s Eye


Grieving and Pet Loss – Coping With The Death Of A Loved Dog Or Cat

Planning For A New Pet 

Why Does My Dog have Bad Breath And What Can I Do About It?

 Bottle Feeding Your Orphan Puppies  

 The Stages of Canine Labor – When Your Dog Is About To Give Birth 

 Caring For Your Pregnant Dog    

Hepatitis In Your Dog

All About Lyme Disease In Your Dog – When Your Dog Tests Lyme Positive  

  Anesthesia – When Your Dog Needs Surgery  

Antifreeze And Other Toxic Products That Contain Ethylene Or Diethylene Glycol

     When Your Dog Has Diabetes – Caring For Your Diabetic Dog

  Tick Transmitted Diseases In Your Dog – Babesia, Ehrlichia, Anaplasma

Introducing Your Dog To the New Baby In Your Life

 Retained Testicle Or Cryptorchidims In Your Dog 

  Kidney Disease In Your Dog 

Hernia In Your Dog – Umbilical, Inguinal, Perineal And diaphragmatic Hernias

When Gastric Dilatation, Volvulus Or Simple Bloat Strikes Your Dog

Heart Disease In Your Dog Find links here to specific forms of heart disease in your dog

 Tooth-Related Abscess On Your Dog’s Face – The Carnassial Tooth Your Dog’s Fourth Upper Premolar

  Chronic Digestive Problems In Your Dog – IBD  

Diseases We Can Catch From Our Pets –  Zoonotic Illnesses Of Dogs, Cats And Other Pets  

   Epilepsy And Seizures In Your Dog

   Pexion® Imepitoin – Another Medication Option For Epileptic Dogs

   Dog owner experience with Levetiracetam (Keppra®)

  NeuroCare® -Purina’s High MCT Diet Might Help Your Epileptic (or forgetful) Dog 

  Canine Distemper And Your Dog – CDV 

  Leptospirosis In Your Dog How Dogs Catch It, How Vets Try To Cure it How We Can Prevent It  

   Kennel Cough In Your Dog

Parvovirus Infection In Your Dog Parvo Virus Enteritis – CPV   

Coronavirus In Your Puppy 

Glaucoma Eye Problems In Your Dog

  Canine Herpes Virus – Its Symptoms And Effects On Adult Dogs And Puppies

Helping Your Fearful & Frightened Dog Cope – Phobias In Dogs

When Your Dog Faces Hip Dysplasia CHD 

   Dilated Cardiomyopathy – Heart Failure In Your Dog – DCM 

Congestive Heart Failure (CHF) And Mitral Valve Problems In Your Dog

 Preventing Anaphylaxis Acute Allergic Shock In Dogs – Vaccine Reactions 

When Your Dog Is Uremic – Kidney Disease In Dogs Links To Newer Articles

All About Oxalate Bladder And Kidney Stones In Your Dog – Cystic and Renal Calculi

Did You Know That Xylitol Sweetener Can Be Very Dangerous To Your Dog?  

  Vaccination and Vaccine Reactions in Your Dog 

  Normal Dog (and cat) Blood Chemistry Values – Blood, Temperature, Urine and Other Values

Do You Think I Should Buy My Dog A Health Insurance Policy?

High Blood Pressure In Your Dog – Hypertension

Alopecia X – Why Is My Dog Loosing It’s Hair? – A Special Cause Of Hair Loss in Dogs

What To Do When your Dog Won’t Eat – Anorexia

Why Is My Dog Shedding So Much and What Can I Do About It?

When The Left Side Exit From Your Puppy’s heart Is Too Narrow – Subaortic Stenosis (SAS) 

Pulmonary Hypertension And Right-Side Heart Failure In Your Dog – It’s Signs And Treatment

Is Atopica® Safe? Should I Give Atopica To My Dog? Cyclosporin 

Should My Vet Test My Dog For Allergies? 

Love Me Tender? Or Should I Feed My Dog A Raw Meat Diet?

The History Of Dog And Cat Food

The Meat In Pet Food – Where It Comes From – What’s In It?  

Are Wisely Selected Bones An Alternative To Frequent Dental Visits For My Dog? 

  Why Are My Dog’s Lab Work Results Abnormal? 

Why Is My Dog Jaundiced?

Why Is My Dog Breathing Abnormally Or Panting?

What About Medical Marijuana For Pain In My Dog?

Is The Same Size Vaccine Or Leptospirosis Dose Really Appropriate For My Size Dog? 

 Dog Owner’s Comments To One Size Fits All
Should I Give My Allergic Dog Apoquel® To Stop Its Itching And Scratching?

Dog Owners Comments On Their Experiences With Apoquel®

Why Did My Dog Develop Intestinal, Pancreatic or Liver Issues While Other Dogs Didn’t?

My Dog’s Too Fat!

     Corticosteroid Meds Make Our Weight Loss Harder  

I’m A Vegetarian or Vegan – Shouldn’t My Dog Be One Too?

One Of The Possible Consequences Of Spaying Your Dog Too Young

Portosystemic Shunts – A Liver Problem With Far Too Many Names

    Hepatic Encephalopathy In Your Dog 

  Liver Metabolism In Your Dog 

PetsMart & Pet360 Sticky Fingers – Purloined Papers

Why Is My Puppy A Runt? 

A Science-Based Vaccination Schedule For Your Dog

  Hepatic Microdysplasia In Your Dog 

Entyce® Appetite Stimulant For Your Dog With No Appetite

Entyce® Dog Owners Feedback Page

NexGard® Bravecto® Simparica® Credelio®- New Treatments For Fleas Ticks & Mange 

 Newer Options For Flea And Tick Control On Your Dog

Newer Liver Disease Treatments Perhaps On The Horizon

Vaccines, Hyper-immunization And Autoimmune Disease Triggers -Too Much Of A Good Thing

What Does My Dog’s Breed Tell Me About Its Health? – Nature Versus Nurture

 Nexvet – A New Approach To Arthritis & Pain Control In Dogs

Galliprant® (Grapiprant) Another New Option For Chronic Arthritis Pain In Dogs

     Dog Owners Experiences With Galliprant®   ­

 Heartworms – Current Diagnosis, Treatment and Prevention In Your Dog   

Cytopoint® Versus Apoquel® For My Itchy Dog – Which Is Safer, Which Is More Effective, Can I Use Both?

  Cytopoint® – Dog Owners Feedback Page    

  What To Do When Your Dog’s Liver Tests Are High 

Kidney Disease In Your Dog – Current Diagnosis And Treatment 

The SDMA Kidney Test In Your Dog – What It Means – What It Doesn’t Mean 

     The SDMA Test – Dog Owners Comments Page   

 My Vet Says My Dog Needs A Special Kidney Diet What Are My Options  

All About Rabies 

 The Rambam’s Observations On Rabies

 The Great Theriac – Some Things Never Change 

Veterinary Weights, Measures And Abbreviations

The Long Arm Of The Texas Board Of Veterinary Medical Examiners And The AVMA

 Focused Energy 

Well-Trained Veterinarians In India

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