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Ron Hines DVM PhD

 What Should I Feed My Cat?

What Are Those Ulcers on My Cat’s Lips, Tongue or Body? – Eosinophilic Granuloma Complex

   Intestinal Parasites In Your Cat And What To Do About Them  

  When Your Cat Can’t Pee  

  Heartworms In Your Cat & How To Prevent Them 

Kidney Disease In Your Cat Chronic Renal Problems   

The SDMA Kidney Test In Your Cat – What The Results Mean, What They Don’t Mean

Treating Hyperthyroidism In Your Cat

 Will A Low Iodine Diet Help My Hyperthyroid Cat?  

Respiratory Disease In Your Cat Or Kitten = Rhinotracheitis, Cat Flu, or Herpes 1 

What Is Causing Those White Spots On My Cat’s Eyes? 

Feline Leukemia FLV Virus And What You Need To Know About It 

Feline AIDS -The Cat Immunodeficiency Virus, FIV 

Feline Infectious Peritonitis – The FIP Coronavirus

  FIP Treatment Research Update (not as spectacular as I had hoped)

Why Is My Cat Licking Itself Raw – What’s Making It Lick Its Paws And Body So Much? 

Pancreatitis In Your Cat

  Litter Box Accidents and Spraying In The House

Vaccination-Associated Fibrosarcoma Cancer In Your Cat

Caring For Your Elderly Cat – The Special Needs Of Older Cats

Curbing Destructive Behavior In Your Cat 

  Raising Orphan Baby Kittens 

Stages Of Feline Labor – When My Cat Gives Birth

Caring For Your Pregnant Cat

Diabetes In Your Cat – Symptoms And Treatment

Asthma In Your Cat – Chronic Bronchitis

Cat Scratch Fever – What It Does To Your Cat, What It Can Do To You

Chronic Diarrhea & Vomiting In Your Cat – Inflammatory Bowel Disease IBD

Hair loss In Your Cat 

Pexion For Epileptic Cats? – Cat Owner Feedback Needed

  Toxoplasmosis In Your Cat – Or You 

    Panleukopenia In Your Cat – Feline Parvovirus, Feline Distemper

  Bartonella – A New Cause Of Eye Disease In Cats – And Their Owners 

Rhinotracheitis or Herpes-1 Respiratory Tract Infection, Cat Flu

Cardiomyopathy – Heart Failure In Your Cat

  A New Treatment For Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy 

  Elura® Appetite Stimulant Owner Feedback Page  

  Why Is It So Hard To Give Medicine To My Cat? – My Dog Never Made Such A Fuss! 

 Understanding The Feline Leukemia & Feline AIDS Tests

Calcium Oxalate Urinary Stones In Your Cat

  Feline Cholangiohepatitis – Triad Disease Of Cats   

Understanding Lymphoma In Your Cat

Is There Hope For Better Feline Lymphoma Treatments Soon?

My Cat Won’t Eat! Hepatic Lipidosis – Why It Occurs, How Vets Treat It, How To Prevent It

    Elura® Appetite Stimulation Medication – Cat Owners Feedback Page

Oncept® A New Treatment For Vaccine Fibrosarcoma Tumors In Cats

Oncept® Cat Owner Feedback

Atopica® / Cyclosporin For Your Cat?

What Can I Do When My Cat Is In Pain?

Be Aware Of Inaccurate Blood Pressure Readings At Animal Hospitals 

How To Find Your Sweetheart Cat

   I Read An Article That Said Cat Owners Are Prone To Self-destructive  Behavior – Is That True?

All About Rabies

The Great Theriac -Some Things Never Change

  The Rambam’s Observations On Rabies

    My Cat’s Too Fat!

Dealing With Aggressive Behavior In Your Cat 

Should I Declaw My Cat? Part 1

  Should I Declaw My Cat? Part 2   

The Meat In Your Cat Food – Where It Comes From – What’s In It?

Focused Energy

Bobcats Get A Helping Hand

Help Us Find Well-Trained Veterinarians In India

  Cancer In Your Cat – How It Will Affect Your Cat And How It Will You

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