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Ron Hines DVM PhD

   Wildlife Rehabilitation Guidelines

  How Do I Get My Finicky Parrot To Eat A Balanced Nutritional Diet – In Spite Of Himself? 

  How Old Am I?

 Caring For Cage Birds

  When Should I Take My Parrot To The Vet?  

  What Is Vitamin D, And Why Do All Animals, Birds And People Need It?   

 What Happens When Birds Molt? Why Do They Molt, And What Are Their Special Needs During This Stressful Period? 

  How Do I Care For Orphaned Wild Baby Birds? 

  Growth Charts – How Fast Should The Baby Wild Bird I Am Caring For Grow? 

 What Can I Feed Orphan Wild Doves & Pigeons?

  Photos To Help You Identify The Wild Baby Bird You Found

   What Causes Spraddle-leg In Birds, And How Can I Fix It? 

  The Top Ten Parrot Health Hazards

  Why Is My Parrot Pulling Out Its Feathers?

  Gout In Your Parrot Or Other Pet Bird  

  Salmonella And How To Avoid It

  Teaching Your Parrot To Talk  

  How To Stop My Parrot From Biting Me 

  Macaw Wasting Disease/Avian Bornavirus – Not Just A Problem In Macaws 

  The Red-Crowned Parrots Of Brownsville Fight For Their Citizenship

  Collisions, Vision Problems And Eyeworms In Birds 

  Baby Bird Foot & Leg Problems – The Importance Of Perch Size  

  What Are Feather Stress Bars?

  Bird Wrist And Coracoid Injuries And How I Treat Them  

  Robins Grow Up

   Baby Birds With Broken Legs And How I Repair Them 

 Leg And Wing Fractures In Wild Birds And How I Repair Them

  Two Simple Ways To Repair Bird Wing And Shoulder Injuries – Applied Tape, or String And Glue 

    Dealing With Dehydration And Toxic Heat Shock Proteins In Baby Birds 

   Wild Baby Bird Diet Blog

  Do Wildlife Rehabilitators Need To Add Grit To Their Rehab Bird’s Diets?

  Leg Paralysis In Baby Songbirds And How To Avoid It

  Raising Baby Wild Owls

  Tomcat Rodent Glue Traps And Wildlife – What To Do When The Two Meet

   Crop Impactions, Burn Throughs, And Other Crop Problems In Wild & Domestic Birds

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