Meet The Vetspace Editorial Team

You are my editorial team. My website usability depends on your feedback regarding broken links, typos, errors, ideas, suggestions and comments. I am always happy to correspond and learn from my website readers. Email me at [email protected] 

At a time when Corporate and Big Pharma voices are the ones most likely to be heard, I believe it is important that individuals like myself keep independent websites online. To cover costs associated with this website, I rely on your Google AdSense ad clicks and your donations. If you find an ad running on my website that you find objectionable or misleading, let me know and I will block it.

  Backlinks to my articles are very important when it comes to a website’s search ranking and spreading the news. I appreciate all links you place online to any of my website articles. You can link to my articles on Facebook and elsewhere if you like them.

  But please do not cut and past my articles themselves into other websites. When you do that, I cannot edit, update or correct them anymore. 

I still have a lot of site corrections make. This is now a WordPress site. I couldn’t locate a method (plugin) to automate the transfer of my 450+ articles from the original website to the new Vetspace website. So over about 15 month, I have been rewriting them one-by-one when I find the time. In that very time-consuming process a lot of typos, coding and linking issues invariably sneak into my work. You can help me out with that whenever you notice one and  let me know .

Best wishes,

Ron Hines

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