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Ron Hines DVM PhD

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Let me and other readers know about your pet’s experience with the SDMA kidney test at:  

What is your pet’s name? Where do you live? How old is your pet? Were the SDMA test results consistent? Did SDMA levels go up before creatinine levels went up? What were its creatinine levels? Were other laboratory or urine tests abnormal? Was your pet ill at the time of the test? When that illness passed, did the pet’s SDMA levels go down? Was a special diet recommended? Did SDMA levels return to normal on the new diet? Would your dog or cat eat it? Did the pet’s weight on the new diet change? What medications were recommended? Anything else you would like to add?


February 7, 2020

Hi Ron,

My 17 year old Boston’s kidney values suddenly went through the roof. Creatinine 1.1 to 3.9, BUN 33 to 134, Phosphorus 4.7 to 11.2 . Oddly, her SDMA went down, from 10 to 8. This may be due to the things I have been giving her that have been shown in studies to be nephro-protective when the kidneys are damaged in various ways:  Berberine (a lot of rats died proving this) and milk thistle combo, L-carnitine, krill oil for omega 3s, fisetin, and pyridoxal 5 phosphate.  She also had a triple strength IV stem cell injection (VetStem) a couple of months ago. Two questions for you:

How reliable is the SDMA when it goes down? Is there enough phosphorus in pyridoxal 5 phosphate to cause trouble?  It is thought to be great for kidneys. Forgot to mention I give Licorice lots of curcumin (Theracurmin).  There have been a number of studies about curcumin preventing kidney damage.

Thanks, Rob.S., Riverside, CA  

See Licorice’s Idexx lab report here 

3-5-20 update: “The SDMA test was for s**t. It was 8PM when she died in my arms Sunday morning.” Rob S.


June 18, 2019

Hello Dr Hines

Our dog’s name is Nyawela Busveld Lehabah. We live in France on the Swiss/German border. Our dog is a 2-years-old Rhodesian Ridgeback. I breed them. I feed them a raw meat diet. An ultrasound of our dog’s kidneys showed one smaller than the other. Our dog’s SDMA level went up when his creatine level was only 1.1mg/dl. His urinalysis was normal and he showed no signs of illness. Our veterinarian recommended Royal Canine Renal Support diet. Along with an additional 100mg/kg of additional water throughout the day. When we switched to this diet, his SDMA levels went back down to 9. We added taurine to the diet on the advice of our veterinarian. Now the dog’s SDMA level is back up to 16/mg/dl. I wonder if the SDMA level is a valid gauge of kidney function or if the taurine supplement made the SDMA values go up.

P.B. Haute Saone, France

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