Why Is My Dog Or Cat’s Urine Bilirubin Level High?

Ron Hines DVM PhD

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Bilirubin In Your Pet’s Urine = Bilirubinuria

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It is not abnormal to find slight amounts of bilirubin in the urine of healthy dogs. When it is there in larger amounts, it can be due to all the causes I listed for increases in direct (conjugated or soluble ) bilirubin in your pet’s blood stream. (ref) Of the two types of bilirubin, direct bilirubin is the only kind that makes it into your pet’s urine.

Healthy cats do not normally pass any bilirubin in their urine. When it is detected there, the causes I listed for increased blood direct bilirubin need to be explored.

Any dog or cat that is jaundiced will have increased amounts of bilirubin in its urine as well as its blood.


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