All Of Dr. Hines’ Guides On Wildlife Rehabilitation

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Many of these articles are still in preparation. I write them between caring for animals and answering online inquiries from dog and cat owners. There are always several roads that lead to the same destination – a successful release back into the wild. If you want to make suggestion, correct what you believe to be errors or report what works for you, please let me know. 

   Should I Become A Licensed Wildlife Rehabilitator? Is It The Right Thing For Me? 

  A Wildlife Rehabilitator’s Guide To Basic Hygiene And Sanitation

    A Wildlife Rehabilitator’s Guide To Basic And Specialized Supplies 

    A Wildlife Rehabilitator’s Guide To Cages, Perches, Pens & Containers 

  A Wildlife Rehabilitator’s Guide To Nutrition

    Should I Also Give Vitamins To The Wildlife I Care For And If So Which Ones?   

   What Are Some Signs Of A Wildlife Vitamin Deficiency?

  A Wildlife Rehabilitator’s Guide To Parasite Control

 A Wildlife Rehabilitator’s Guide To Mites And Lice On Birds And Mammals And How To Eliminate Them

 A Wildlife Rehabilitator’s Guide To Medications

 A Wildlife Rehabilitator’s Guide To Dealing With Dehydration And Toxic Heat Shock Proteins In Baby Birds

    Repairing Cracked Turtles & Tortoises 

 What Can I Feed Orphan Baby Wild Doves & Pigeons?

  A Wildlife Rehabilitator’s Guide To Raising Nightjars Nighthawks And Whip-poor-wills

   A Wildlife Rehabilitator’s Guide To Raising Killdeer And Plovers

How Fast Should Baby Wild Birds Grow?

Spraddle Leg In Baby Birds

 Bird Wrist And Coracoid Injuries And How I Treat Them

 Leg And Wing Fractures In Wild Birds And How I Repair Them 

 Broken Legs In Song Birds And How I Repair Them  

     Starvation – What To Do For Birds That Can’t Or Won’t Eat  

 Gout In Birds

  Robins Grow Up

   Salmonella In Birds

     What Odors Can Birds Smell? What Flavors Can Birds Taste? 

    Rodent & Rabbit Tooth Problems

 What Happens When Birds Molt?

   Collisions, Vision Problems And Eyeworms In Birds 

  What Vaccinations Do Wild Animals Require? 

   The Wildlife Disease Experts 

 I Found A Baby Bird – What Should I Do?  Rescuing Them, Raising Them, Their Food & Care       

 Caring For Orphan Cottontail Rabbits  

 Caring For Orphan Fox Squirrels

 Caring For Orphan Flying Squirrels

Caring For  Orphan Baby Opossums

   Should I Have My Opossum Spayed Or Neutered? 

   Murine Typhus And Opossum Fleas 

 Caring For Orphan Raccoons   

  What Is Baylisascaris And Why Do I Need To Know?

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