All Of Dr. Hines’ Guides On Wildlife Rehabilitation

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These articles are dynamic. I write, add and correct them between caring for injured animals, fielding the Texas Parks & Wildlife answer-line and dealing with online inquiries from dog and cat owners. There is usually more than one road leading to the same destination – a successful release back into the wild. If you have questions, if you want to make suggestion, if you want to correct errors (we all make some) or if you just report what works for you or chat, email me. 

   Should I Become A Licensed Wildlife Rehabilitator? Is It The Right Thing For Me? 

  Guide To Basic Hygiene And Sanitation

    Guide To Basic And Specialized Supplies

     Guide To Cages And Pens

   Guide To Nutrition

    Should I Also Give Vitamins And If So Which Ones?   

   Some Signs Of A Wildlife Vitamin Deficiency

  Guide To Parasite Control

Guide To Mites And Lice And How To Eliminate Them

 Guide To Medications

   Dealing With Dehydration & Heatstroke  

    Repairing Cracked Turtles & Tortoises 

 Feeding Orphaned Wild Doves & Pigeons?

  Raising Nightjars Nighthawks And Whip-poor-wills

   Guide To Raising Killdeer And Plovers

How Fast Should Baby Birds Grow?

How To Fix Spraddle Leg

 Bird Wrist And Coracoid Injuries And How I Treat Them

 Leg And Wing Fractures In Wild Birds And How I Repair Them 

 Broken Legs In Song Birds And How I Repair Them  

     What To Do For Birds That Can’t Or Won’t Eat  

 Gout In Birds

  Robins Grow Up

   Salmonella In Birds

     What Odors Can Birds Smell? What Flavors Can Birds Taste? 

    Rodent & Rabbit Tooth Problems

 What Happens When Birds Molt?

   Collisions, Vision Problems And Eyeworms

  What Vaccinations Do Wild Animals Require? 

   The Wildlife Disease Experts 

 I Found A Baby Bird – What Should I Do?  Rescuing Them, Raising Them, Their Food & Care       

 Caring For Orphaned Cottontail Rabbits  

 Caring For Orphan Fox Squirrels

 Caring For Orphan Flying Squirrels

Caring For  Orphaned Baby Opossums

   Should I Have My Pet Opossum Spayed Or Neutered? 

   Murine Typhus And Opossum Fleas 

 Caring For Orphaned Raccoons   

  What Is Baylisascaris And Why Do I Need To Know?

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