The SureFeed™ Microchip Pet Feeder

Ron Hines DVM PhD

It can be a never-ending struggle to feed multiple cats and dogs just the right amount of food to keep each of them at their optimum weight or to see to it that a specific pet receives the prescription diet that your veterinarian recommended.

Devices like the SureFeed smart pet feeder are a game changer that might be able to do a better job than you can. This clever food bowl is currently marketed for cats. But the Company says it performs just as well for small dogs.

If you have app notifications enabled for the Sure Petcare app, you receive notifications when the bowl is filled with food and each time any of your pets visit the bowl. When your pet visits the bowl, the notification will tell you how much food they ate at that visit. Those notifications can give you the peace of mind that your pet is eating normally when you are out of the house or that your pet sitter is feeding your pet the way you instructed.

The device is highly programmable on your smartphone or computer. That can be a major challenge for less Internet-savvy pet owners. But you probably have a friend or child in the family for whom that initial set up would be no problem. It only allows access to the cats you designate it to by reading the pet’s microchip or the RFID collar tag medallions that are supplied

Forget about what you paid for your current pet food bowls, the SureFeed smart pet feeder will cost you considerably more. But perhaps it will allow you to avoid the effects of overeating that might occur later in your cat or dog’s life: things like diabetes, urinary tract problems, arthritis. Even if they do not develop any of those health problems, they experience what some would find to be a decreased quality of life. They tend to play less, sleep more and over groom.  

The device has a built-in scale to weigh the amount of food you add. It will alert you with a text message whenever a specific pet triggers it to open. It can distinguish between up to 32 different tagged or chipped pets.

Does This Device Have Potential Limitations?


Some exceptionally clever pets in multiple-pet households find their own workarounds. They learn that if they hover around the feeder, it will eventually open for another pet, which they can then shove aside.

The device intimidates some very timid pets. That could well be a transient event.

Its circuitry is not designed to get wet or for the device to serve water.

Is This An Advertisement For Dr. Nick Hill And His Company, Sure Petcare®?


New products come and new products go. This page is on my website because I believe that if it lives up to its description, the device has great potential for improving your pet’s health. If you want to inform me and others about your experience using SureFeed™ Microchip Pet Feeder, send me an email and I will post it (without your name) at the bottom of this webpage. 


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