Update On Kidney Disease In Your Cat & Its Treatment

Renal Tech

Ron Hines DVM PhD

Renal Tech™ is a computer algorithm that compares your cat’s age and blood test results to those of other cats that have, and have not been diagnosed with chronic kidney disease   (& here CKD).  The mathematics then applies statistical analysis and, based on how your cat’s data compares to that of other cats, it claims to predict if and when your cat will develop kidney failure.

Renal Tech is Mars Corporation’s answer to Idexx Laboratories patented SDMA test. The two corporations joust for dominance in the veterinary diagnostics business.

Not coincidentally, Mars Corporation which also owns Antech Laboratories, also markets two lower phosphorus prescription diet for cats, Renal Support A™ and Renal Support S™. Compared to their standard dry cat foods, in the first they dropped the phosphorus and protein content slightly by adding more fat. In the second they dropped the protein and phosphorus content even more through the same method.  Let me know how your cat likes this food and I will post your experience here. Did your cat’s blood phosphorus or creatinine level dropped after being on the diet for a month?


Gilbert was an old cat. An animal shelter rescue. He led a contented indoor life and had already passed his 19th birthday. His owner was concerned because Gilbert’s creatinine level had increased – as it naturally does in old cats and old people – and his blood pressure at the animal hospital was consistently high. At home, Gilbert’s blood pressure was always normal. Read about that here. So his owner elected to have none of the suggested future Renal Tech tests suggested run. Gilbert continued to eat his favorite cat food and the tuna treats he loved. More tests, special kidney diets and hydration products like Porus One would not have been helpful for Gilbert because six months after the Renal Tech™  laboratory analysis was run, Gilbert died of lymphoma. His kidneys were never a primary issue. He was just an old cat who died peacefully when his time came and is dearly missed by me and by his owner. 

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