PetSmart’s Purloined Papers

Ron Hines DVM PhD

Hi!, we were the big boys at PetSmart’s online shopping branch, These days we call ourselves Chewy:

We knew that Ron Hines’ pet health care articles were better than any we could write. So, we just stole his  (claimed he “submitted” them so nobody would catch on).   We heisted a whole bunch of them! We don’t have much respect for Doc Hines. To us, he’s just a clueless sucker. But we LOVE Your Money – even if we have to steal the Doc’s name and his articles to get more of it! He just keeps typing away on his PC, but we’ve got a whole IT department looking for ways to make more money! So in time, you might only see his articles on our website where you can buy lots of our stuff while you are reading them. Isn’t that great!


If you want to send Doc a brief note of encouragement or express your feelings about money hungry corporations and internet bullies that ruthlessly take advantage of the love you have for your pet, let him know. He will post your comment here, with only your initials and the City where you live. Like cockroaches, all corrupt corporations fear sunlight more than anything. The greater the number of comments on this page, the more likely Doc is to get his articles back, so he can keep them honest and up-to-date for you. PetSmart never admitted to stealing them. But 6 months after he emailed them this page, his articles disappeared from their website. Dr. H. only keeps this article online now so that they won’t be tempted to put them back up.


Hi Ron,

I have posted about this on my DogAware Facebook page — not sure how much that will help, but worth a try. I also posted the following comment to all 11 articles that they have stolen from you (found by searching for hines’

This article was NOT submitted by Dr. Ron Hines, it was stolen from him! See… for more information about the articles Pet360 has stolen from Dr. Hines. Read the real thing on his website at . . .
I also emailed Pet360 to tell them what I think of what they’re doing. I have had articles from my own site plagiarized, but only by individuals, never by a large company that certainly should know better. Shame on them! I will be boycotting PetSmart and all of the Pet360 brands ( until your articles are removed. (And you’re welcome to use my comments on your site.)
M.S., San Francisco Bay Area


Hi Ron,
I am truly saddened when I see that someone with all the knowledge you have and are kind enough to share it with all of us that others come and steal all of your knowledge and place your content on their sites and try and take credit for it.
Don’t give up the fight or let these people sidetrack you. Your site is filled with invaluable information that we, the public, need from a credible source. We come here for information, for answers to see what is going on with our little ones. You have by far the best site, filled with a ton of information, well written and you deserve the credit for it.
I have shared what is happening to you on my Facebook page. PetSmart being one of the offenders, is a store that you will not find me shopping in unless they resolve this matter with you and give credit where credit is due!
Ron, your site is truly a site that ranks with the Merck Manual and is an authority site with invaluable information. Thank you for sharing your wealth of knowledge with us all.
Mt. Sinai, NY


They suck for doing that! I sent this webpage to everyone in my address book.

Sarasota, Florida


Dear Dr. Hines,
I went through this and am aghast at what is happening. I’m so sorry, wish I had ‘big bucks’ to sue them for you! Alas, we are ‘middle class’ seniors on retirement! But, I will ask my friends to forward this ‘theft’ to everyone they know. My e-mail friends are animal lovers like myself. I WILL write a short note to everyone in my ‘address book’ and forward the link with a brief explanation of what’s going on. I will also ask them to PLEASE forward to their animal-loving friends and family.

R.W., Mira Loma, CA

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