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Not all SS is corosion resistant. Must be screws of marine quality such as these: #2 0.5 inch pan head phillips #391680725042 from Baltimore Marine Supply @ $6.28/100

Aluminum foam splint is suitable for splinting all extremities. Made of lightweight and malleable foam padded aluminum, it is soft and adaptable. The splint becomes rigid and supportive for fractured or injured limbs by shaping it into a simple C, W or T- shaped curve. Can be cut with ordinary household scissors. Mine came in a donated pallet of hospital supplies. The TECHMED product appears similar. But I cannot guarantee that that was the brand that I received.

A drop of Cyanoacrylic glue between the foam/aluminum splinting shackles and leg scales helps keep the shackles from riding up or down, which might impede circulation. Check foot temp. frequently. They Should be equal. Coloration should be equal and there should be no swelling below anything that circles the leg which might impede circulation. I have found no difference between consumer superglue product pictured and “medical grade” products for the uses I use them in avian and exotic animal medicine. But I cannot vouch for all brands and formulations. 

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