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Ron Hines DVM PhD

If you have experience using Librela® in dealing with chronic pain problems in your dog, you can send me an email and I will post your observations as to how well it worked for your dog, the drug’s availability where you live, and any other information you care to mention, on this page: 

September 8, 2022,

I am emailing you on behalf of ******* ********* Pet Hospital, We have a few patients here at our clinic that suffer from arthritis and might really benefit from Librela. However we are unsure of how we can get some to our clinic. I was trying to do some research and figure out if Librela is only in the UK or if it has made its way to North America. That is when I came across your website. If you have any advice on how to receive Librela that would be amazing.  Thanks, L. S., Calgary, Alberta, Canada



From B. B. : Good to hear from you, Yes, ********* is the only exporter in the world that is FDA approved for FIO shipments to the U.S. The first two or three years I ordered FIO it was only FDA approved for FIV, and it had a history of being held up in Jamaica, Queens customs. That did happen once to us, but someone marked on the package in big letters FDA APPROVED so after twelve days we did get it.  B. B., Jackson, Tennessee



Hi Ron, Thank you so much for getting back to me, I have contacted ******** and they have suggested I start with Health Canada’s, VHP Notification ProgramI will let you know if I become successful in bringing it over here. I also hope it comes to Canada for good as soon as possible. All of your information is greatly appreciated!!  Thank you, L. S. 



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