Can Apoquel Be Given To Cats?

Can Apoquel® Be Given To Cats?

Ron Hines DVM PhD

Cat Owner’s Experience With Apoquel® Here 

Apoquel® is not approved by the FDA or the EMA for use in cats. But veterinarians and physicians have always had wide discretion in making their own treatment decisions. These are called “extra label uses” and they are based on the knowledge and experience of the veterinarian you personally rely on.  One Company study on its use of Apoquel® in cats to lessen the symptoms of allergic skin disease was promising.  see here:) Three other reports were a bit less promising. (read herehere  &  here)

When cats are diagnosed as having allergic dermatitis or eosinophilic granuloma complex , there are veterinarians who have already dispense this medication to their client’s cats. Getting a new use approval from the FDA or the EMA is a lengthy, costly process. Those costs can be greater than the potential revenue the drug will generate for the company even if it does gain a new use approval. So many drug companies opt to just let veterinarians take the lead in establishing an accepted “off label” medication use. So for now, we just have to wait and see how things go relying on feedback from cat-owners like you and veterinary internet chatter.

If you have used Apoquel in your cat, please let me know how your cat did and I will post your observations

here:  for other readers to see. Also browse through the Apoquel® Dog Owner’s reports to get an indication of what one might expect. But remember that cats are not little dogs. How they metabolize medication and how those medications affect them can be quite different – especially when liver metabolism is involved.

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