Everyone Else’s Health

Everyone Else’s Health

Ron Hines DVM PhD

Includes Pet Rodents, Squirrels, Large Non-domestic Cats, Monkeys, Rabbits, Guinea Pigs, Raccoons, Etc.

  What Sort Of Vaccination Program Do These Wild Animals Require?

    Who Provided That Information?

 Big Cats:

  Do Exotic Big Cats Make Good Pets? 


Caring For Baby Ocelots, Bobcats and Servals

  Diet Feeding & Nutritional Care Of Tigers Lions And Leopards

   Some Texas Bobcats 


  The Rat-Lover’s Guide To Respiratory Disease. What Causes It, And What You Can Do About It

How To Treat Rat Kidney Problems

My Bunny, Guinea pig, Rat or Hamster Has Tooth Problems. What Should I Do?

    Do Mice Make Good Pets? 


  Hamsters That Bite – Why Did My Hamster Bite Me! 

Basic Guinea Pig Care

Reproductive Problems In My Guinea Pig

  How Do I Raise Orphaned Fox Squirrels? 


  How Should I Raise Orphaned Flying Squirrels?


  Do Chinchillas Make Good Pets? 


  Do Monkeys Make Good Pets?


  Are There Any Diseases My Family Or I Can Catch From Pet Monkeys? 

  How Do I Care for Chubby Monkeys?

 Diabetes in Monkeys 

Opossum Care:

  How Should I Raise Orphaned Baby American Opossums?

  Should My Pet Opossum Be Spayed Or Neutered?

 Opossums And Murine Typhus  


  How Do I Care for Orphaned Wild Bunnies? 


  Secrets To Keeping Your Bunny Healthy & Happy


How Do I Care For Orphaned And Injured Raccoons?

  What Is Baylisascaris procyonis? Is There An Effective Treatment?

 Building A Successful Bat House 

Texas Parks & Wildlife

 YouTube Videos

Just Wild Critters For Now

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